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About Blue Moves...
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Since 1995, Blue Moves has been designing swimsuits in Puerto Rico for the bold and adventurous girl. Being one of the first swim brands that appeared islandwide, we have spent 20+ years of experience perfecting our swimsuits and answering natures calling for a day out in the wild.  When you wear Blue Moves, you wear a legacy, and most of all, your confidence as a strong independent woman.  This is by women, for women.

Our thick fabrics aren’t see-through; even in the lightest colors.  This ensures durability.  We only use strong elastic materials so you can wear a tiny bikini without the worry of it slipping off!

They are specially designed for doing what you love… enjoying the water, surfing, swimming and so much more...Our fabulous bright colors and playful prints will always inspire you to go adventuring; happy and stress free while enhancing your tan…

It’s all about water  


Anabel Acevedo,


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